Why voting from the bottom of the ticket is important this year

Why voting from the bottom of the ticket is important this year

Voting from the bottom of the ticket up is actually really important this year, probably more so than most realize. NH is scheduled to redistrict in 2020.  This link provides some background on how gerrymandering has affected our legislative districts in NH.  http://nhpr.org/post/new-hampshire-shifts-swing-state-why-do-legislative-lines-still-favor-republicans.

Up for grabs are some very important votes in NH in the next few years. For example, Medicaid Expansion, which allowed nearly 50,000 NH residents to keep their healthcare, sunsets in 2018 if not extended or made permanent.  This bill received bi-partisan support from those like Jeb Bradley- "

"Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, one of the bill’s main sponsors, repeatedly defended reauthorization, saying it continues the program without any new taxes, fees or state dollars.  And he also cited the 6,000 people who have accessed substance abuse services through the program.

'So we are going to now turn down 40 percent of the funding in a midst of a heroin crisis? I’m not. Maybe some people are but I’m not,' Bradley told his colleagues before the vote." For more background see here -http://nhpr.org/post/nh-senate-passes-expanded-medicaid-hassan-will-sign-law and here http://nhpr.org/post/hassan-signs-nhs-expanded-medicaid-program-law-until-2018.

Also more background here http://www.lfda.org/issues/redistricting

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