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Why voting from the bottom of the ticket is important this year

Voting from the bottom of the ticket up is actually really important this year, probably more so than most realize. NH is scheduled to redistrict in 2020.  This link provides some background on how gerrymandering has affected our legislative districts in NH.

Up for grabs are some very important votes in NH in the next few years. For example, Medicaid Expansion, which allowed nearly 50,000 NH residents to keep their healthcare, sunsets in 2018 if not extended or made permanent.  This bill received bi-partisan support from those like Jeb Bradley- "

"Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, one of the bill’s main sponsors, repeatedly defended reauthorization, saying it continues the program without any new taxes, fees or state dollars.  And he also cited the 6,000 people who have accessed substance abuse services through the program.

'So we are going to now turn down 40 percent of the funding in a midst of a heroin crisis? I’m not. Maybe some people are but I’m not,' Bradley told his colleagues before the vote." For more background see here - and here

Also more background here

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Messmer for Rockingham County District 24, NH House Rep

Letter to the Editor

by Mindi Messmer for NH House

July 11 — To the Editor:

David Borden recently announced his retirement from the N.H. House of Representatives, ending a life-long career of outstanding achievements, valuable contributions, and thoughtful service to the communities of Rye and New Castle. In addition, Dr. Tom Sherman, another outstanding public servant, announced that he will not seek re-election to the House, as he has decided to run for N.H. Senate. Both men have set high standards for our representatives of the future, working with public officials of both parties from all across the state to promote our best interests. At this moment, as they vacate their two respective seats, I thank them for their years of dedicated service to our community.

I first met Representative Sherman a few years ago and recently he was appointed to head the governor’s task force addressing the reports on the Seacoast cancer cluster. He asked me to participate in the investigation given my role in helping to bring this issue to light and my professional experience in the fields of environmental science and health.

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Rye woman who reported pediatric cancer running for House

By Jeff McMenemy

RYE — The woman who first reported to the state her concerns about an unusually high number of pediatric cancers in her community is now running for state representative.

Mindi Messmer, a Democrat, is running for one of the two seats in N.H. House District 24, which represents Rye and New Castle. She decided to make her first political run after current state Rep. Thomas Sherman, who she  worked with on what ultimately became two Seacoast cancer clusters, encouraged her to run for the seat after he announced he was running for state Senate.

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Seacoast kids cancer cluster investigation advances

By Jeff McMenemy

State acknowledges 'significantly higher number of cases'

PORTSMOUTH — State Department of Health and Human Services officials said they are “close” to finalizing a questionnaire they will use to get more information about children who are part of the Seacoast pediatric cancer cluster.

Whitney Hammond, DHHS’s program coordinator for its comprehensive cancer control program, said the state has been working on the questionnaires as it continues its investigation into the cancer cluster. In addition, state officials are also working on their “case definitions,” which Whitney said is essentially deciding “who are the children we need to follow up and get more information about.”

Whitney’s comments came during the first meeting of Gov. Maggie Hassan’s Task Force on the Seacoast Cancer Cluster Investigation Wednesday at the Community Campus.

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Governor's Advisory Council July Meeting Coverage

The link to the video of the July 2016 Governor's Advisory Council meeting for the Pediatric Cancer Cluster Investigation is below.  Questioning about Seabrook monitoring starts around 1:00:00.

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